Merry & Thankful

Merry and Thankful

I just wanted to take this time and thank each of you for following this blog. This year has been incredible. The amount of growth I’ve experienced has been overwhelming at times and I’m thankful for all the support you have shown. Your feedback is what has kept me going even when I didn’t feel up to it.

There have been many days (and weeks) when I lacked inspiration but then I received lovely comments that reminded me that this blog is bigger than me. So I thank you and I know we’ll continue to grow together.

Everyone that’s dealing with anxiety and depression, hold on. Those that are lacking inspiration, meditate. People who are stressed and overwhelmed, take a salt bath. The holidays are always rough for us, but this new year will bring nothing but peace, love, and prosperity. All of our dreams will manifest. We just have to keep going.

Cleaning Out Your Life

Cleaning Out Your Life

There are 13 days left in this year and it’s time to tie up loose ends. That means resolving conflicts with family and friends, cleaning our homes, and getting rid of the things that no longer serve us. You want to go into the new year with a clean slate and immediately start working towards your goals. It’s time to start manifesting what you’ve been asking for and you can’t do that with old garbage standing in your way.

Resolving conflicts will allow you to express what’s been bothering you and release that negative energy. It will also help you to hear the other person’s side. Listening to their perspective will tell you things that you need to improve and ultimately this will help you grow.

Cleaning your home will free you of all the energy trapped in the disarray. Dirt and clutter in your home can signify the mess that’s resting in your mind. Scrubbing ovens and walls may be tiring, but it has a way of releasing anger and negativity at the same time.

Getting rid of things is one of my favorite practices. You’d be surprised at how much emotion is tied into the things we buy. Just try to throw away some old, useless stuff and notice how your mind will try to rationalize why you need skates you haven’t worn in 10 years. It’s incredible how attached we become to things. We forget that these were items sitting on a shelf once. They may hold memories, but so do pictures. Take the time to go through your closet and get rid of those clothes that no longer fit our bodies or our lives. You don’t have to throw everything in the trash, though. This is the perfect time to give your good quality items to someone in need.

I know it seems like a tall order, but you will be grateful for the amount of space this frees up in your life. After all that you’ve been through, you need to set yourself up for the greatest push into the new year. Start on the right foot and watch how many rewards will come your way.

Lessons From 2016

Lessons From 2016

2016 has been an incredible year. I’ve learned and grown more than any other year to date, but somehow it doesn’t feel like enough. I’m always pushing myself to work harder but that kind of pressure can become toxic. That’s why when I start to get down on myself for not doing enough, I like to reflect on what I’ve accomplished.

Reflection always puts me in a better mood. It helps me to relax and celebrate the things I’ve achieved so far. At the same time, it inspires me to keep going. One reason I like to keep journals is because it helps to sit down and read through my thoughts. It shows how much (or how little) I’ve grown mentally, emotionally, and financially.

I usually do a series of reflection posts, but this time I decided to compile a list of lessons I learned in 2016:

Love Changes Everything

I don’t know about anyone else, but I go from being completely annoyed to totally in love. It happens all the time without warning and it never gets old.

My Mother is a Person

This was hard to face, but once I realized my mother was a human with feelings, everything else made sense. I began to understand her in ways that I never cared to before and the two of us have now become friends.

Get Out of Your Feelings

I’ve always been selfish. It is what it is, but this year I truly came to realize that the world doesn’t revolve around me. Everything is not worth stressing over. Just take a bath, have a nap, and get over it.

Exercise is Life

Why didn’t I discover this sooner? The adrenaline is addicting. I went from couch potato to exercising every day and studying to be a CPT. I’m fitter and stronger than ever and my body is incredible.

Meditation is Also Life

I think I already knew this, but this year I took it to another level. Meditation has opened up my thoughts and fears and allowed me to get to know myself. So many of the answers I was looking for were within me.

Know When to Say Yes and When to Say No

Some people will tell you to say yes all the time and others will tell you to say no all the time. I think it’s best to find out what you really want and do that. Of course, it’s great to push yourself, but you have to know when enough is enough.

Being Vulnerable Welcomes More Love

At the beginning of the year, I asked for empathy. I wanted to be more open and responsive to other people’s feelings because I knew my lack of consideration was hurting the people I loved. So I dove into my feelings and found myself crying A LOT. I went from being nonchalant to crying during movies (and Instagram posts). I cry like a pregnant woman and it’s ridiculous, but it’s also great because I feel more joy. I’m receptive to love on a much larger scale and that feels wonderful.


These are just some of the lessons that came out of hardships from this year. Not everything went the way that I thought it would, but I’m glad I didn’t give up. I pushed forward even when I felt like falling apart. I’m grateful for the growth and I know that 2017 will be bigger and better.

Boundless Growth

Boundless Growth

Two weeks ago, I took my first flight overseas to experience a new culture. I tried food I’ve never eaten before, walked barefoot on desert sand, rode a camel, and explored the Persian Gulf. It was a new and unforgettable adventure that I still can’t fully put into words. Although it was one of the most surreal things I’ve ever gotten to do, it was also hard to enjoy due to the cloud of emotion that followed me.

I decided to take this trip with family. I’ve taken vacations with family and friends before and I know how stressful and unpredictable that can be. This is why I seriously vet everyone I travel with these days. When red flags go up, I tend to step back, but this time I ignored my intuition because I’d already decided this was going to be my year. The year that I did new things and stepped into my fears instead of away from them. I wasn’t going to let anything keep me from realizing my dreams.

So when I was approached about this trip, I jumped at the opportunity. Finally, a person that I trusted was available and prepared to travel with me. It was exciting and I think I let that excitement cloud my judgment. I ignored all the ominous signs that popped up during the pre-planning phase and went ahead with the booking anyway.

The actual planning proved to be just as stressful but I pressed on because I didn’t want to waste money. I’d already convinced myself that it was an opportunity of a lifetime. I couldn’t turn it down, but as the weeks pressed on I wished that I had.

Dealing with this person was an emotional rollercoaster. One minute she was laughing and the next she was slamming things. I was at a loss because I’m so used to being the one having mental breakdowns. It was interesting to watch a person being more dramatic and self-centered than me. It was like looking in a mirror.

For the first time in my life, I got to see a visual representation of what people must have experienced when dealing with me. It was enlightening, to say the least. I remember being annoyed and frustrated during most of the trip, but at the same time, I was very thankful. As irritating as she was, I’m grateful that she was there to show me how immature and obnoxious I can be.

I grew immensely in that nine day period. It was truly a test of my patience and resilience. My goal was to see a new part of the world, but what I really ended up seeing was a new part of myself.